Paintings – ‘Shelf-Portraits’

    (For examples and information on private commissions please see the ‘Commission a Shelf-Portrait’ tab)


‘Lakeland Life’ rsw2018 oil on canvas 12×24″ – A Shelf Portrait of books accumulated in the Lakeland cottage which first drew me to paint shelves full of books, thinking of the many people staying in the cottage over the years who have thumbed through the books on the shelves, each taking something different from the reading of them…


‘Little Women’ rsw2018 oil on canvas 10×12″ – a collection of classic women.

Please take a look at the slideshow below of work currently available through Nicholas Bowlby Gallery:


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and this slideshow of work available form Frivoli, Chiswick:


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NEW: ‘Metamorphosis’ rsw1724 oil on canvas 10×10″ Contact Roo


rswOP1638_gothichorror_webroo copy

.NEW: ‘Gothic Horror’ rsw1638 oil on canvas 6×16″ Contact Roo



NEW: ‘Memoriam’ rsw1637 oil on canvas 6×16″ SOLD



Unwritten Book 4′ rsw2015 oil on canvas 12×36″ Contact Roo



‘My Books’ rsw2014 – a portrait of some of my own significant accumulation of books (NFS)


For details of how to commission your very own Shelf-Portrait painting

please go to the Commission a SHELF-PORTRAIT tab above.






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