Paintings – ‘Shelf-Portraits’

    (For examples and information on private commissions please see the ‘Commission a Shelf-Portrait’ tab)

Please take a look at the slideshow below of work currently available through Nicholas Bowlby Gallery:

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and this slideshow of work available form Frivoli, Chiswick:

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NEW: ‘Metamorphosis’ rsw1724 oil on canvas 10×10″ Contact Roo


rswOP1638_gothichorror_webroo copy

.NEW: ‘Gothic Horror’ rsw1638 oil on canvas 6×16″ Contact Roo



NEW: ‘Memoriam’ rsw1637 oil on canvas 6×16″ SOLD



Unwritten Book 4′ rsw2015 oil on canvas 12×36″ Contact Roo



‘My Books’ rsw2014 – a portrait of some of my own significant accumulation of books (NFS)


For details of how to commission your very own Shelf-Portrait painting

please go to the Commission a SHELF-PORTRAIT tab above.






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