commission a SHELF-PORTRAIT

By Roo S Waterhouse

I am particularly enamoured with the way we all bring our own story to the reading of a book, and all take a different story away…..


‘MyBooks’ ©rsw2014 oil on canvas 10″x20″

         Celebrate the books that have made a difference in your life (or someone else’s)    with an original oil painting.
A truly original gift.
Commission a
By Roo S Waterhouse

Please take a look at some examples below, and for further information Contact Roo using the form at the bottom of this page


‘Catch 22’ ©rsw2016 12×36″ Private commission

”Roo, I want you to know how delighted I am with my shelf portrait. It’s even better than I had hoped! It really is a portrait of my life, from books reminding me of my grandfather, parents, friends, school and university days, my working life and my children. Thank you so much!
Best wishes, Carol”
‘Matilda’ ©rsw2016 10×12″ Private commission
‘Waverley’ ©rsw2016 12×24″ Private commission


suewall‘Bean Trees’ ©rsw2015 12×24″ Private commission



slow-done_webroo copy

‘Slow Books’ ©rsw2014 12×24″ Private commission



‘Forty Two’ ©rsw2017 oil on canvas Private commission




‘Dorset Stories’ ©rsw2015 10×12″ Private commission




‘Shantaram’ ©rsw2014 10×12″ Private commission




‘Bob’ rsw2014 ©12×12″ Private Commission


”A bookshelf is a physical representation of many aspects of a persons life. Cookery books, travel guides, self help books, DIY guides, trashy novels and Shakespeare can all give an insight into your passions, personality, aspirations and dreams. Books hold memories of the places you have visited and the people you have met. They tell the story of holidays taken, family meals cooked, languages learned and problems overcome. They can be funny, romantic, thrilling, scary, autobiographical, technical, historical, geographical……

Having a personalised, commissioned Shelf-Portrait is like having a portrait done of yourself, portraying your personality through the books you read.”

Which books would you choose? The possibilities are endless….”    Emily Stubbs, Holmfirth Art Market


Roo also thoroughly enjoys painting portraits of treasured household artefacts, like this old ‘Batterwhip’ which has been welded on to a builders scraper handle and has lived in Nancyanne’s kitchen drawer for as long as she can remember…




‘Batterwhip’ rsw2016 Private Commission


Please fill in the form below to contact me for more information. I aim to get back to you within 5 working days. Please do check your spam folder in case my reply has been side-tracked!












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